Development Issues

MVCC is constantly working on other issues in the Valley that are not necessarily part of our larger project base.


Public Hearing on Thompson Ridge Development


There will be a public hearing on April 27th, 2017 to take public testimony regarding the proposed use of permit exempt wells to provide water for the Hummingbird Heaven Hideaway 12 lot short plats. The public hearing regarding water availability will be conducted on April 27, 2017 at 10:00 a.m. in the Commissioners Auditorium in the Virginia Grainger Building in Okanogan, WA. Verbal testimony will be taken. Written comments may be submitted at the hearing. Written comments will be accepted prior to the hearing and may be submitted in writing or electronically to Roxanna King, Administrative Secretary at 123 5th Ave N Ste 130, Okanogan, WA 98840 or at

Chewuch Transportation Plan Draft Environmental Assessment

The Forest Service has released the Draft Environmental Assessment (EA) for the Chewuch Transportation Plan. See the draft here.

Comments must be submitted by January 14th, 2016.

Written comments must be submitted to the Responsible Official, Mike Williams, Forest Supervisor, c/o Phil Christy, 24 West Chewuch Road, Winthrop, WA 98862. Phone: (509) 486-5137; FAX: (509) 486-1922.

The office business hours for those submitting hand-delivered comments are: 8:00 A.M. to 4:30 P.M., Monday through Friday, excluding holidays.

Please submit electronic comments to

In cases where no identifiable name is attached to a comment, a verification of identity will be required for objection eligibility.

Public Hearing: Skalitude Development Modification

Update 12/15/15: The hearings examiner conducted a hearing on 12/10. He released his recommendations on December 21st, and denied the application. See his comments here.

Thursday, December 10th, 10am in the Okanogan County Commissioners Hearing Room.
You may submit comments in writing or in person at the hearing. Address written comments to Ben Rough,, (509) 422-7122. You must submit written comments prior to the public hearing at 10am on 12/10. Read the full public notice here.

The proposal entails expanding facilities, accommodating increased visitors and installing a public zip line at a remote retreat center in the Libby watershed. Concerned citizens are encouraged to attend the public hearing on 12/10 at 10am.

MVCC submitted comments during the SEPA comment period on this proposal. The current commenting period applies to all concerns related to this project.

Update 12/15/15: The hearings examiner conducted a hearing on 12/10. We will release his recommendations by on the 21st of December.

Comprehensive Plan Court Date

The courtdate for the Comprehensive Plan hearing has been changed from Monday, November 23rd to December 17th. Details will be updated at a later date.

Comment Deadlines Approaching for Floodplain Developments

Two proposed floodplain developments could set unsettling precedents for the County if allowed. Your comments on the following two proposals are needed immediately.
1. Town of Twisp: “Day Floodplain Development Project”
Property owners have submitted an application for a floodplain development permit to construct a single family residence and improve an access road within the 100 year floodplain, shoreline and critical areas of the Methow River, inside the Town of Twisp.
Information and Printable Comments: Click this link to view the application. Click here to view a map of the proposed construction, or this map showing the wetlands and buffers. Additional application materials can be found here: JARPA application; Wetland Delineation Report.
The suggested comment letter material is here. Read it to see why this proposal may be of concern to you, and please consider printing, signing and sending! They can also be emailed to
Comments are due Thursday, September 24.

2. Okanogan County Public Health: On-site Sewage Disposal Variance Requests
Four landowners in the Cottonwood Lane neighborhood, on the Chewuch River north of Winthrop, have applied to Public Health for variance requests to allow them to use holding tanks for sewage disposal for cabins and/or RVs. Most, if not all, of the properties on Cottonwood Lane are in the floodplain of the Chewuch River. Some or all of these properties currently rely on illegally constructed, unpermitted septic systems.

At issue here is a lack of coordination between County departments that allows code violations to slip through the regulatory cracks. For example, it is questionable whether some of the structures proposed for on-site sewage are compliant with Methow Review District zoning (which prohibits “structures for human habitation and any sewage disposal facilities” in the floodplain). If the Health Department issues variances for sewage before dealing with the current illegal structures and sewage disposal systems, it sets a very bad precedent for future development.

Information and Printable Comments: The suggested comment letter is here, with the address for mailing. There is no email option for these comments. Please read them to see why these proposals may be of concern to you, and consider printing, signing and sending!

Comments should be mailed no later than Monday, September 21.

Planned expansion of the Skalitude Retreat Center

The State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA) regulations comment period for this project has been extended to 5:00 p.m. September 23, 2015 due to Okanogan Complex wildfire activity. SEPA comments must be submitted in writing. According to Washington SEPA, Okanogan County Planning and Development issued an environmental determination of non-significance (DNS). Failure to comment by this date denies a party standing to appeal the final SEPA determination. Project comments and SEPA comments will be reviewed separately. Project comments must be submitted in writing or by attending the public hearing. The public hearing for this project is not yet scheduled.

For the comment sheet on the Skalitude expansion, click here.

Proposed modification of the Skalitude planned development includes preparation of a development agreement which would replace the existing contract zone document. The application proposes increased capacity of special events and overnight guests, development of camping and event areas and accessory structures, adjusting the number and location of rental unit accommodations, changes to the size and location of the zone of influence, and development of a zip-line course. The property is 159.97 acres located within the Okanogan National Forest and accessed from Smith Canyon Road approximately 7 road miles northwest of Carlton, WA. Physical Address: 302 Smith Canyon Road. Tax parcel number: 9100001300.

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